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Today a lazy start. Breakfast at the Hotel and another mediocre breakfast. The bare minimum provided. Only one other guest at brekkie. We repack and reorganise our bags from the small black bag back into our suitcase. Lots of dirty clothes, so the laundry service in Santiago is going to be busy.

At 11am we wander out for a coffee. The only coffee cafe we can find makes their coffee with Nescafe instant. Oh well! We get one BOL4 < A$1. On the way back we see a children's store and get 4 outfits, 2 for boys, 2 for girls - covering all bases.

We need to check out at 12 noon, so we store our bags and wander down to the markets. Here we buy some more children's clothes, only paying between A$5 - $8 ea and Phil gets two dry fit T shits that are great for travelling, A$35 for the two.

We stop and have lunch and share a pizza. Not sure whether we will get dinner tonight so we eat up. At 3pm we go to the airport. The flight leaves at 4.55 and it is only 55 minutes flight to La Paz. A muesli type bar and a coke is all that's on offer on the flight.

We arrive into La Paz and catch a taxi to the Hotel in El Alto. We chose this Hotel as it is close to the airport. The Hotel is alright but not in a very good area. In fact as we step from the taxi into the Hotel a person walking by hits Phil on the head. It does not hurt him and we think the guy was just being a smart arse but it was a bit scary. There are no restaurants within a very short walking distance and we do not want to catch another taxi, so we decide to have some snacks for dinner and go to bed.

Unfortunately I wake up about 2.30 with a headache and cannot get back to sleep. When the alarm goes off at 6.30 I am still awake and feeling the effects of the altitude. Surprisingly the difference between the centre of La Paz at 3650m and El Alto 4061m has made me feel ill. Damn altitude again!!!

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