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Today breakfast at 8.30 again overlooking the lagoon. Today we are going to fish is the breeding ponds. We take our hand lines and try to catch something but despite the fact that there must be lots of fish in these ponds, nothing jumps on our line. Efrem is the only one who catches something and it looks like a catfish!

We then have a walk through the jungle and Juli accompanies us to translate. Its a pleasant walk in the shade and we reach another lagoon. Here we try fishing for the second time today. I catch a pirhanna. Small but it has big teeth! Efrem catches a couple too. We pack up the fishing gear and continue on. Efrem shows us a strangle fig that has completely killed to palm it was wrapped around and we could put the camera up the hollow and take a great shot of the inside. Efrem and Juli then climbed the tree and slid down on one of the areal roots, just like a fireman's pole! Further along we spot some squirrels and howler monkeys and as always plenty of birds.

We are back for a late lunch which is the fish we caught and some duck with veggie casserole. We sat under the veranda still overlooking the lagoon as it is quite warm today. A perfect spot to eat. Great food here.

After lunch we can go horse riding but instead we opt for another boat ride on the lagoon as it is always so pleasant. Miriam comes with us to translate. The little fish are still jumping up and down in the lagoon and this time we have two the actually jump in the boat. We see lots of aligators and birds of course, but also some turtles resting on a log and another coati.

Back to the lodge and we walk just around the back of the property as at dusk there are lots of parrots, macaws and even the small toucan.

Dinner is soup and empanadas and of course a bottle of red. Yum!

Tonight we all, Miriam, Efrem, Hugo, Taya, Gabriela, Phil and I get in the boat back on the lagoon. Its quite dark and we have torches. Gabriela sits at the bow of the boat and as Efrem steers us towards some capybara that are near the bank Gabriella picks up a small aligator and brings it into the boat. All of us including the children, get to hold it. Surprisingly the aligator is quite calm and we all get a good look. Gabriela lets it go back to its mother. Efrem goes further down the lagoon and spies a much larger aligator. Gabriela is not keen so Efrem comes from the back of the boat and goes on to the shore and picks it up. This one is about one metre long. It too is not aggressive and we get to hold it. It is great to get such a close up look and a feel of what their skin is like. A great experience.

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