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Today we are up at 5am, eat breakfast, and are heading back to the the place where we saw the night monkey the other day and are hopeful that there will be more animals there this early in the morning. We leave today so it's our last chance. Unfortunately nothing much around so back to the ranch and we pack to leave.

Marisella's husband has been at the ranch for the last day or so and he is leaving now too with Lucho and some of the ranch kids. We follow his car on a different route through the

other ranches heading towards San Ramon. Not long into the trip we see a Rhea which is like an emu and he has some chicks. The male looks after the young. They male and chicks get separated by a fence and we follow the chicks along the road for a short while. They eventually get through the fence and are reunited. At San Ramon Marisella's husband stops at Luchos house and we pick up some ice and continue on the main road back to Trinidad which is 368kms. Along the way we stop to take a photo of the giant water lilies. Then we stop at a roadside cafe for lunch. We have food provided by Marisella but they buy drinks so we can use the facilities. Lucho, Marisella's husband and a car full of kids towing a trailer meet up with us there as it seems they are heading into Trinidad too. We leave first and stop down the road for a large group of capybaras. Then we continue on and see ahead and on the road a small animal crosses in front of us. As we get closer we can see it running parallel with the road and Nick identifies it as a pampas cat. It is definitely 'cat' like with darker lower legs and paws and a short tail. Very rare apparently! We continue on and the next animal we see are more coatis. There is a Mum and Dad and some young ones. Some are on one side of the road and some on the other so we don't linger as we do not want them running across the road because there are some cars coming. Not much longer and Nick spots a snake. We pull up and there is an anaconda crossing the road. Nick picks it up and we get to touch it. It is beautiful. They give birth to live young. It is about 3 metres long. WE help it cross the road and it eases itself into the water on the other side. Great to see one! We finally arrive back in Trinidad about 5.30pm. We say our goodbyes and settle back into our Hotel.

Tonight for dinner we catch a taxi to El Estancia renowned for its steak. We ponder over the menu and are struggling because the meals look huge (photos on the menu) and we are not sure what cuts of meat are what. Fortunately the man with his young family at the table behind us comes to our rescue and says to order one main to share as they are huge. We take his advice and have a lovely teak, chips, rice and salad. More then enough and only $26 including beer and wine.

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