2018 South Africa and Botswana Trip travel blog

Zebra crossing

Baboon crossing

Today is a traveling day again. Started at 7:30am from Satara camp. Shortly after I got on the main road H7, saw lots of animals at the watering hole. Stopped for a while to watch them. Groups of impalas, zebras, wildebeests, Kudus came to drink. Big flock of birds also. Saw a Hammerkop hunting from the surface of the water. It is large heavy bird-of-prey, however, it could hover low near the surface to catch fish. Saw a mongoose moving around. After left it I encountered groups of zebras and baboons crossing road. The zebras just stopped right in the middle of the road. Cars had to stop to wait for them. The baboon group must have at least 100 animals. Some of the males are very large. Saw several mothers with small babies on their back or belly. Several breeding elephant families were feeding not far from the road. A single male elephant was close to the road. I left it in a hurry. It could be very aggressive at the breeding season.

Since I have about 3 hours to spend, I visited the Endangered Species Center on the way. It primarily breeds Cheetahs to release to the wild. I have not had the good fortune to see a cheetah or a leopard. I have to leave some reasons for a return trip. I saw the captured cheetah at the center. It is just not the same. Had lunch at the center. It was a venison pie. I wonder what meat it was from. It tasted a lot like beef.

Got to the airport at 12:15pm. Since I have some time and there is internet, I caught up with my travel journal and uploaded to the website.

On time arrival at Cape Town. I took airport shuttle to the Civic Center, then another local bus to a station that is within 2 minutes’ walk to Leonie’s house. When I was near her house, she was outside and surprised to see me walking. When she learned that I took local bus, she said you did just like a local. I thought that is the best compliment I heard on this trip. She even prepared some ribs for dinner for me. That was so kind of her to do so. When we were chatting over dinner, she told me she used to be a professional athlete and hold the world record for 400m in the 70th. After retiring from that career, she decided to study law and became a professor at a university nearby. She loves teaching and has high standards for her students. She is one of the people that I enjoyed the most on this trip.

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