2018 South Africa and Botswana Trip travel blog

At a lion kill

Hyena at a lion kill

Crested Barbet

Gray-headed Bushshrike

African Paradise Flycatcher

Shortly after breakfast I packed up, then left the Skukuza camp. From the coordinates of the Satara camp my GPS found a route that will take 2 hours and 15minutes. Halfway at a rest place I was taking a bathroom break. At a picnic table I took my snack bag out and started to eat some dried mango. While I was watching a young Vervet monkey picking crumbs from the table, another adult monkey, maybe his mother suddenly came down from a branch above me and quickly grabbed my mango bag, then she/he jumped back to the tree. This happened so fast that I could not react. They must have done this sort of thing a lot. They behaved like a pro. At this rest place I soon discovered it was full of birds. Shortly I got an African Collared Pigeon, a beautiful Gray-headed Bushshrike, an Orange-breasted Bushshrike, a Crested Barbet and 2 Black Crakes. Just when I was walking out to my car, I noticed a gorgeous Paradise Flycatcher on a tall tree. I did not think I would see this species, therefore it was not on my list.

After I got to the Satara rest camp, I had lunch first before I could check in. My bungalow takes the traditional house style: a round-shaped house. The refrigerator is outside on the patio. Some units have a full kitchen. Took a nap of about 30minutes. I had to hurry up to the starting point for the Sunset drive. I could feel that Satara region is much wilder than Skukuza area. On my way to it I saw a lion kill (a male kudu). There were about 50 Lappet-faced and White-backed Vultures, 3 black-backed jackals and a spotted hyena were taking advantage of it. The hyena was the king. He would chase anyone away from the kill. I saw similar shots on TV, but nothing compared to the real situation.

The sunset safari drive was productive. We saw lots of elephant, bushbuck, Springbuck, A pry of 5 lioness and a bachelor group of 3 lions. Also saw lots of elephants drinking from a waterhole, a dozen or so giraffe, a scrub hair, a side-striped Hyena, an African wildcat, a large spotted Genet and a civet cat. After we got back, I had dinner at the restaurant: just ordered a pie filled with chicken and vegetables.

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