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Up at 0700 and to breakfast in the hotel restraurant. Today I had skyr with various nuts, a small piece of herring, cheese, dark/seed bread and a pickle (dill). Also went back for bread with raspberry jam. Yummmmmm

Then we packed up and checked out of room.

Per the guide, the tall building across the square with the girl on a bike and a girl standing…used to be a barometer. Guess it does not work anymore!

We drove to the Little Mermaid. This is from a HC Anderson story (Disney made a story with a happier ending!). The sculpture was made in 1913 and it was made by ????? He did this after seeing a ballet. The story was that the mermaid came up to the shore when she was 15; she saw a prince and fell in love with him. That day she saved the prince from drowning. Went back down to the sea and decided she wanted to go see the prince. The price she had to pay was that she could not sing anymore and never would see her family again. If she did not marry the prince she would turn into sea foam……and that’s what happened. The model for the mermaid was the artists’ wife! This mermaid went to China on an exhibit for 8 months…the joke was she would return to Denmark with a stamp on her butt that read “made in china”. Sorry for the tourists who wanted to see the Little Mermaid when they came to Copenhagen!

The moral of the story is that life can be tough; you may not get what you want; but need to be happy and take chances.

Went by the home of the author of the true story/movie, “out of Africa”. She was born in this house and also died there. Did not win an Oscar but her costar did.

Every year the queen gives a speech on New year’s Eve. She always has an artifact from Greenland……her grandchildren each have a Greenland name. The royal family takes their yacht to Greenland each year. They recently went to the Farrow islands.

Got on the bus and went north. Saw many thatched roofs along the drive. We drove along the coast to the Kronborg Castle. Per the flyer, it is a fortress for more than 600 years. The present-day castle was built in 1585. “to be or not to be….that is the question”. Shakespeare’s Hamlet is unquestionably linked to Kronborg,

The German army was in the castle for 5 years during the war.

We saw pictures of famous actors who have been in plays here. Today was the last day the “actors” work at the castle. We saw some in costumes doing snipets of plays and/or talking with the tourists. Took many photos and walked around the castle. Have to see the movie “A Royal Affair” as we saw the small circular room where the pregnant queen stayed for a few months until her brother sailed in to pick her up; she was essentially in exile in that room. The doctor (father of her baby) was jailed and guess had some body parts cut of bit by bit (have to see the movie!). There were very big rooms and fancy items to see. The courtyard was the most impressive. There was a fountain there at one time, but guess the Swedes came over and stole the fountain. All that is left is the base!

We had lunch there and it was quite interesting. Bread (of course) and 4 items on a plate. Salmon, a meatball, a little dish of herring (with mayo/pickles) and a few potatoes with mayo and pickled beets.

The cannons go off when the royal family’s yacht goes by and when a royal child is born.

After lunch we went back on the bus and rode to an art place called “Louisiana”. A gentleman had 3 wives (2 died and one he divorced); they were all names Louise (or something very close to that). I’m not much of an abstract art fan, but the grounds were pretty. Tried to get on the internet when we first arrived….and did not figure it out until 15 minutes before we had to leave. Saw there were 3 caches……got with in 6 feet of one, but could not find it. There was one also about 160 feet from the bus, but it was inside the park area and on a trail. Oh well.

On the way to the terminal, the guide talked about words and phrases from Denmark. “go Bananas = go cucumber in Danish!, Step in the spinach. A rhubarb neighborhood is not a good neighborhood (the rhubarb grows in the back of your property). The word Ombudsman (advocate) is Danish as is the word “fiord”. Danes export a lot of Christmas trees; they love Halloween and Christmas! Lego and pandora are Danish. Nova Nordic is Danish as well as toberg beer and Carlsberg beer. Maerk shipping is Danish.

She said when we go to the buffet tonight to eat in this order: things that swim, fly, have 4 legs, the cheese and then dessert.

Then we rode on the bus again to the terminal. Had to say good-bye to our Danmark guide (Karen). She was great. We need to send her a thank you and also include thank you letters to the 2 lecturers we had.

Going from Copenhagen to Oslo on the ferry. Got to the ferry, through the ticket check point and onto the ship. All of the road scholar attendees have outward facing cabins. Joy and I are in 6814. Took photos of the room, got the laptop plugged in and started to charge our phones. Discovered we only have one charger; but the good news is that we discovered the laptop had 3 ports. So we have each of our cameras and the portable charger plugged in.

We walked around the ship and then took a seat on the deck to watch us pull out of the dock at about 1615. Took lots of photos and went back to the room in about 30 minutes. Pulled our stuff out of our backpacks and other bag. Our luggage was checked and we will not see it until we get to Oslo.

Went out to see the ferry passing by the castle we were at earlier today. Watched the ferry boats going between the ferry terminal in Sweden and Denmark (very close to the castle; don’t know the names of the towns where the ferry goes to/from).

Got ready for supper (not much to do other than Joy combed her hair and put on some lipstick).

Supper was great. Six of us got to sit at a table at the window. We took a few photos of the group. The meal was good; had caviar, crayfish (ick), shrimp, small variety of salads and other fish. Back for some veggies and other stuff and then dessert. Had 2 small bowls of soft serve ice cream!

It’s now 8 30 and we are back in the room. I’m trying to get todays journal done. We do not have internet so I’m just writing it in word and will cut and paste into the journal tomorrow.

Another great day! Hopeful for a smooth night on the ferry…….

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