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This one's for you Paul

Today was our last full day in Copenhagen. Breakfast at the hotel and then a lecture about hans Christian Anderson and 2 other well known authors/people. The best part was the HC Anderson. Thursday

“the golden age, 1800-1850”

The teacher reminded me of Judy Dench

Here are my notes:

Hans Christian Anderson 1805-1875

The golden period; many writers, literists, scientists, etc were in Copenhagen. There had been many defeats in war, 1801, 1807, 1864. There were no wars for about 100 years 𯘊

HCA was born in 1805; had a rough childhood. At age 14 he went to Copenhagen (1819) to the royal theater; believe he was going to be in the ballet. But it did not work out and he became a director of a royal theater group. He was financially supported by many wealthy people in the area.

He went to see the Ugly Duckling

He fell in love with the daughter of the family who he stayed with; but the father did not want him to marry his daughter. In these days, girls were to be engaged by about 18 or their family started to worry about them. Men could wait many more years as they needed to be established in a career to support their family.

HCA was a very sensitive may; he started out very poor and died very rich. He was very thrifty.

His stories are very political, involve his friends/family and usually have a story to “read between the lines”.

Snowman was about his love for a woman. The snowman fell in love with a stove.

The emperors new clothes was about class differences. The clothes were invisble but town people did not want to tell the king they could not see his new clothes. They went along with him because if you did not see the clothes you would be considered stupid. One little boy said “he had no clothes”. The king thought the hard working people would all be able to see his invisible clothes. HCA could see beyond the fake people and different classes.

Little ida’s flowers was about a friends daughter named Ida who HCA watched playing in the in the garden. She loved the flowers. In the story she asked, why are my flowers tired? Was told every night they go to a ball and come home tired. This was actually something about the resurrection of life.

He talked about science and religion.

In the story of the Bell, the lecturer had her students draw a picture of the last paragraph of the story. The story is about 2 boys who hear a bell chime and the go to find the bell, the prince (his lawyer friend) went the easy way to find the bell (had an easy time in his life) while the poor boy struggle to find the bell. They both arrived at the bell at the same time.

The top and a ball is about HCA and his beloved girlfriend.

Next she talked about Soren Kierkegaard……..and I was very tired! Hope I got some of this info correct!

For 2 of the days we were in Copenhagen, the president of France was visiting and he went to the museum to see Kierkegaard’s letters.

Getting engaged was something that was hard to get out of; it was like a legal agreement. Although he was very religious, he did not want to get married. Eventually the fiancé broke off the engagement (she ended up marrying someone who became the governor of the Virgin Islands!). He ended up becoming very religious and getting married. (this is where I got a little lost as I was very tired when she was speaking.

This man is very complex; "best if taken in small doses".

Some of his phrases were

Anxiety is the dizziness of freedome

Bordom is the root of all evil

The greatest danger is not to take a risk

It is so hard to believe because it is so hard to obey

There are 2 solutions to options; this or that; do it or do will regret in.

He was deeply religious/Christian.

I believe he was the gentleman who was engaged but wanted to NOT get married. He did all he could to get her to call it off. She eventually called off the engagement and she ended up marrying the man who became the governor of the Virgin Islands.

His father was a wealthy sheep herder/farmer. His mom basically stayed in the kitchen. Father died in 1835.

Eventually became a clergyman

HCAnderson wrote a book and I believe Kiergarrd reviewed it; had a 100 mage review. The name of the book was "fiddlers.....".

In 2013, there was a big celebration of Mr Kiergengaard….the queen attended.

At his funeral, there was a huge attendance with a large procession to the cemetary.

Wrote a book "a leap of faith"

For the discussion on NFS Grundtulg, we went to a church near the lecture room. Unfortunately, the seats were very uncomfortable and I was very did not write many notes. There was a statue of him in the courtyard of this school/lecture area. He was responsible for the way schools are run in Danmark (good), equal right, etc.

Was a clergy who became a writer.

We walked to a restraurant for breaded/baked fish that you were to put on rye bread as an open faced sandwich. Some relish went with it. The next course was small cold potatoes on a piece of rye bread. A littlel mayo and onions on the top. It was ok.

We had the afternoon free and Joy and I went and did some caches. Did one earth cache at the marble bridge and then could not find another. Went to the Runedetaarn (spelling is off I'm sure) tower for a little cache in a bench out side of the tower. We did not have any tweezers to pull the small bison tube out of the hole it was joy went to a tree and brought back 2 little branches. I put one in the hole and with a few moments of effort, we had the tube in hand. By this time is was really raining and joy elected to go back to the hotel (about .25 away). I paid a few kroner (think it was 25/ which I believe is about 4 US) and walked up the tower. It's an interesting one; guess one of the kings wanted a place to walk his horse so he built this circular ramp up to the tower. I liked it because 1/2 up it had a it was worth the $!!!!!

I then walked around in the rain and got 3 caches. Was pretty wet so we have a little Chinese laundry set up.

Supper is on our own tonight so we made a sandwich from breakfast.

Tomorrow evening we're off on a ferry/overnight ride to Oslo!

read more about the tower I walked up at:

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