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yes, we had another great day in Copenhagen. Started with a trip to the train station to find answers to a cache located on a miniature train track.

The breakfast and a lecture about Denmark (it was very interesting). The lecture was by the same lady that talked to us yesterday. This topic was "the Danish Society".

In 1953, the father of the current queen (Frederick?) became king (?year). He died in 1972 and Margaret became the queen. She was able to become queen due to a change in the laws in 1985. She had 2 sisters and if the law had not been changed the kings brother would have been the new king. There was no coronation; a man (don't remember his title) stood at the balcony with her and said "Long live the queen" three times and she was queen.

Denmak is a democracy; includes Greenland and the Ferror Islands. They have 10 political parties so there is always a minority in government. They must be able to get along!

They are a member of the European Common Market but use their own currency (the Danish Crown); 6.5 DR to $1 (US). Some areas of Copenhagen only accept credit cards.

Denmark is part of Nato; they have a military service obligation that all males must serve for 4 months. After that, they can become "professionals" in the military. Have sent military servicemembers to many of the areas where we have had conflicts in the past 20 years.

There was much discussion about the Danish taxes, welfare system, social security, etc.

The average age of retirement is 67. New mothers get 1 year off (with pay) of maternity leave; bosses must support and you get your job back when you return to work!

The university is free but very competitive. 43% of Danish people learn English. Very Americanized. It is an average cost of $3000 per month for school (private I believe). 76% go to public school; that number is slight dropping. They start kindergarden later than the US does.

Forgot to write yesterday that there are going to be 19 cathedrals closing in Copenhagen in the next year.....young people just do not go to church.

They pay 49% in taxes. 3.9 unemployment rate

27 hospitals in Denmark; 17 private hospitals.

Have 6 weeks of paid vacation a year.

What was "Hyggee"?

They want to be co2 neutral in 2025.

Then lunch at the hotel.

Got on the bus and were off to the King's garden for a look at his vast collections; now we understand why he died penniless!

King Christian the 4th; very beloved; he drank a lot and entertained a lot. He was killed by a deer (gorged). He had numerous wives and mistresses. He went to war for 2 years and came home to a pregnant wife. He sent her away and had a mistress; she had 12 children.

The palace was filled with lots of artwork, silver, dishes, porcelain, jewels, tapestries, etc.

Lions in his palace portrayed strength and power. Had an outhouse toilet in his house. Had a chakr that his guests would sit in and the king would pour water on them while as they sat in the chair.

Royalty have white horses.

Joy and I did a few caches after the garden and we are getting ready to go for supper at Tivoli (think that's how you spell it).

I will work on editing the journal for the past 2 days; trying to keep up with all of the activities we are doing!

The photos are turning out great; using my phone as my camera so have turned off every feature that can drain my battery!

Goddag! Liz

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