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City Hall Square

Rosenburg Castle

The Round Tower

Tivoli Gardens 1

Tivoli Gardens 2

Tivoli Gardens 3

Tivoli Gardens 4

The Little Mermaid

Day 12 - Copenhagen

During the night we had sailed east on the Kattegat towards Sweden, then south into the Oresund Strait between Denmark and Sweden, docking in Copenhagen at about 8.30am.

For our final shore-stop we had originally booked a half-day excursion visiting Rosenburg Castle and then giving us a quick tour of Copenhagen's other main attractions, but we were notified a couple of days ago that it had been cancelled because there weren't enough other takers to make it worth running the extra bus that we were due to go on. We did consider switching to one of the other excursions that still had spaces, but in the end we decided to just explore Copenhagen ourselves. So, after a leisurely breakfast we went ashore at about 9.30am to catch the Shuttlebus for the 25-minute journey to the town centre.

Although it was fairly grey for most of the day, the forecast showers never materialised, so it was actually very pleasant for walking around. By the time we reached the Tivoli Gardens at about 12.30pm we had already walked several miles and visited most, if not all, of the places that the bus tour would have taken us, including the City Hall, the Cathedral (where someone was again briefly playing the organ - thankfully rather more skilfully than in Helsinki), Rosenburg Castle and the King's Gardens.

We spent nearly 3 hours in the amazing Tivoli Gardens, a delightfully quirky amalgam of gardens, amusement park (with very serious adult theme-park rides, but also plenty to suit children of every age), side-shows, shops, restaurants, bars and much more. After a very welcome cup of tea and an obligatory Danish pastry we left the gardens at about 3.15pm to catch the Shuttlebus back to the Arcadia from the pickup point which, very conveniently, happened to be just across the road.

Once back on the quay however, before boarding the ship we took a final 10-minute walk back along the waterfront towards the town to see the famous 'Little Mermaid' statue (of which there is apparently a half-size copy in Calgary!). What a wonderful day!

This evening we set sail on the final 2-day voyage back to Southampton, due to arrive at about 7am on Friday morning.

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