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We arrived in Copenhagen and got through the airport pretty easily. Since Joy is using a wheelchair (she hurt her back in June) we get the use of the wheelchair support and can quickly move through the airport! There was no customs for the visitors arriving from the US or Iceland. We got our bags and a taxi and were off to hotel Cabinn Metro.

We had not slept on the flight, but did not want to take a nap so after checking into the room (about 3 PM), so we went to get a few caches in the area around the hotel. We found 4 (I believe) and had a snack, unbacked/repacked and went to bed (about 9 PM I believe).

I was on the top bunk which was very comfortable. We had gotten a fan from the front desk as the room was warm. Opened the window and put the fan in front of the window.

We had found this room on line and it was fine for our one night stay. The bathroom was very small and there was a stand up shower essentially next to the sink and the toilet. There was a desk, chair, TV and of course the beds.

We were very tired and ready for bed!

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