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Slept great last night! We had not slept on the plane since we left Seattle (just was not tired).....but I slept great at the hotel. We were at the hotel cabinn metro. It was a small room with a very small bathroom and bunk beds.

I woke up at 1000 this morning (joy had been awake for a few hours!); we got ready and left the hotel by about 1030ish. Took a taxi to the hotel we are staying at with Road Scholar....the Scandia Palace hotel in down town Copenhagen. We did not stay here last night as it would have been $400 for that night.

Put our luggage in storage and saw the 2 ladies at the road scholar table and left on an adventure. Not sure what they think of us; we met them and said we were going on an adventure....probably not your average road scholar attendees!

Joy wanted to get the oldest cache in Denmark so we walked about 3 blocks to the train station in Copenhagen. We asked questions about the train at the info desk and went to the ticket desk for more assistance and for the tickets. Got down to the train gate and asked a gentleman which train we need to get on....well he happened to be our train conductor/driver. So he told us the next train would be ours and he would be our "driver". We got on the A train going north to Bagsvaerd. It took about 30 minutes to get to the town and the cache was about a .6 mile walk. Walked through part of the small town along the sidewalk and eventually into a park. Followed our GPS and soon had the cache in hand. It was an ammo can chained to a tree. Signed the log, took some photos and were on our way back to the train. Our ticket was for a specific time and we had to be back to the train station by 1345. We made it back to the station by 1315 and it was just starting to rain. By the time we were on the train, it was a down pour!

Had a little snack at the main train station; I had rhubarb yogert (skyr) and joy had a different flavor. Mine was was really good. Got 3 more caches on the way back to the hotel.

Checked into our room and got set up for the next 4 days. We had supper with the group at 6 pm. The room is nice; modern...but there is no clock. My phone had reset to the correct time, but my watch and laptop have not reset the time yet.

Believe we had a group meeting (am editing the journal at the end of the trip!). We introduced ourselves and got the itinerary from Peggy (she was with us the whole trip) and met our Copenhagen guide (Karen).

It's pretty exciting to be in Copenhagen with Joy!

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