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Sunrise approaching Gotland

Exploring the Digerhuvud stacks on Faro

Visby Cathedral

Visby's Almedalen city park

DAY 5 - Visby and Faro (Gotland, Sweden)

Awoke to a lovely Baltic sunrise over the island of Gotland at about 5.30am. At 7am we took on board the pilot to take charge of docking the Arcadia at the new purpose-built cruise liner jetty in Visby (the island's capital). The new jetty means that the expected tender transfer is not now necessary, so there was no problem getting ashore by 8.50am to meet the waiting coach for our chosen sightseeing trip (by car ferry) to the adjacent northerly holiday island of Faro, and then back to Visby for a guided walk through this picturesque ancient walled town. Unfortunately the first part of the excursion involved rather more time on the coach than we had all expected, so the afternoon walk around Visby ended up being so rushed that there wasn't even enough time to go inside the lovely cathedral before our 4pm deadline for getting back to the ship. With our local Gotland tour guide also being rather ineffective the day was not as rewarding as it should have been. This new excursion clearly still needs a bit of fine-tuning! Still an interesting and enjoyable day though.

We set sail promptly at 4.30pm, but the ship was barely clear of the jetty before a medical emergency meant that we had to go back again to allow the unfortunate passenger to be transferred to a local ambulance. We eventually left Visby, heading north-east towards the Gulf of Finland and bound for Tallinn in Estonia, at about 6.30pm, just as we were sitting down to dinner after another sparkling piano recital by Madalina Rus.

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