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The doctors kept me in the hospital for about 10hrs to keep an eye on me. After that time, they gave me a choice... stay in the hospital and have to charge me a couple thousand $$ or get a hotel room across the street and return immediately if any symptoms return or if I don't get any better of the next day. Since they said they were only going to be observing me, I chose the hotel option and they released me with meds.

I found the hotel room where Blake was staying. He had been traveling with me during my ambulance rides off the island. Found the bed, and past out for hours. I woke a few hours later and found Blake had left and the tour company purchased another hotel room so we'd each have our own room so I could recover. Slowly I walked to the pharmacy and got my meds to help with pain and swollenness. I napped on and off for a few hours and finally felt good enough to eat, so Blake and I walked to a nearby restaurant. After eating, we went to our rooms and sleep for the night.

Still have no idea what happened to me.

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