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Everything was off to a great morning. The drive to Fraser Island wasn't too bad, only a few hours. We had to take an hour long ferry to the island though so we parked the bus and waited...

About 330pm, we get on the boat and find our seats, we all talked amougst ourselves. A few minutes into the ride, I was feeling a bit odd, almost queezy. Figured it might be seasickness, but didnt know because I had never had that before.

We finally get to the island and depart the boat. Now I'm feeling a bit warm and I'm getting an uneasy feeling. We catch a tram to the lodge and unpack. It was a pretty nice lodge. Basically a common kitchen area on the first floor with 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on the second. At 415pm slight body aches started, so I tried laying down but couldn't get comfortable. Astrid asked if I wanted to join her to go to the pool and maybe relaxing in the water might help. So I decided to go. We get to the pool, which is a 15 minute tram ride away, and I'm feeling so cold, I'm shivering. The temp outside was about 85-88 so I knew something wasn't right. Astrid took me back to the lodge and about 530pm I had a fever with cold and hot feelings at the same time. About 6pm, I had complete body ache and pain... like any touch, any movement was the worst excruciating pain. Even lying still hurt. I tossed, turned, laid still - everything was excruciating in pain. At 7pm-ish I vomited. By now my tour guide asked if I needed an ambulance, to which I said probably. So they called for one. Took the island ambulance 1.5hrs to get to me, since it came from the other side of island. Then they had to call the med-evac boat to come get me (they requested the helicopter, but it was already en-route to get someone else). Once off the island, I took another ambulance to the hospital. They immediately start asking questions to figure what happened... "was I bite by anything?", "what plants did I come in contact with?". By this time, my entire body had swollen up and turned bright red like a bad sunburn. Doctors asked if I was red from a sunburn, and I said no because anytime we were outside, I was very careful to apply and reapply sunscreen so I wasn't in pain during the trip. They searched my whole body for bites, scraps, cuts, or open wounds... but found no evidence because of the swollenness and redness. They think it was a blood infection, an allergic reaction to something, or a bug bite. So they have me tons on antibiotics and anti-hystemines. Then I slept...

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