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This morning we leave Huacachina in a shuttle to take us to Nazca as we have booked a flight to see the Nazca lines. The shuttle takes us 2 and 3/4 hours to reach the airfield. Our suitcases have been left with the PeruHop bus and they will pick us up in Nazca at 7pm this evening with our suitcases on board. The scenery is unamazing until we pass through a one lane rock tunnel and then down a windy road to come across and amazing green belt of crops and vegetation between two rivers.

At the airfield we are weighed and allocated our flights. At 12.00 we are directed to the waiting area where we meet one of our pilots and are escorted out to the 6 seater plane. Here we meet the other pilot. In 2009 there were two plane crashes close together and consequently the Government put new safety measures in place. Two pilots must fly and there is to be better maintenance on the planes. Costs did go up but much better to be safe. Our flight is 30 minutes and cost US$80 or A$100.

We use headphones so that one of the pilots can give some commentary. We fly at 2,500 feet and the pilot banks to the left and right a lot so that we can see all the geoglyphs. The banking makes your stomach go up and down but the view is amazing and the markings are so clear. We see 12 of the animals and figures plus all the trapezoid shapes and lines. We also fly over the aqua-ducts. So spectacular from the air. Something really special to see.

Nazcair take us into Nazca after our flight and have quite a while until we are picked up. First we share a pizza for lunch and I have my first Maracuya (passionfruit juice) which is really, really good.

We then wander around town and end up catching a taxi to the Museum. The Museum features ceramics, textiles and panels that show the arcaeological excavations in the Nazca area. One interesting feature of this race is the human sacrifices they made for good crops. They decapitated a person as a sacrifice and then made a hole in the skull and hung the head from a rope to use in their ceremonies. Many skulls have been excavated from the area but only one skeleton minus the skull has been found. Quite bizzare!

We walk back into Nazca and wait at Moms cafe where we have a light meal and use their wi-fi. At 7pm we get picked up by PeruHop and we settle down in some very comfy seats with a blanket and this is our bed tonight as we make our way to Arequipa.

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