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Nyhavn in Copenhagen

Little Mermaid

Day 22 Thursday 22 August " Gay Danes"

Denmark - Copenhagen / Kopenhavn

Another big day of travelling. I left the hostel at 7 I think after rushing breakfast. Alex was still asleep. (Im writing this on a train to Fredrickshaven facing the right way !! at last and sitting next to someone with a loud walkman and a text addict. Well theyre all text message mad here.

Train to Gothenberg. So out of Norway once again. Its much hillier than Sweden. I really notice the difference. The last bit of journey was done by bus. Got to Gothenberg at 1pm ish. I heard there was a train for Copenhagen in 20 minutes so in a split second I got a reservation and went on it.

Change of route. I was going to get a ferry from Fredrickshavn then go North - South in Denmark but this train got me to Copenhagen by 4pm. It means that I have to double back a bit when I arrived. I thought - have I done the right thing?

Expensive Hotel. After a hot walk with my heavy bag - long walk actually. It looked not far on the map. I had to pay for a double room. 700dkr whatever that is.

Little Mermaid. Im staying in a very nice area called Nyhavn and it was 6pm sp the sun was starting to set so the colours looked nice. I wanted to do something tonight so I walked off towards the Little Mermaid statue. Its at the far north of town just down from an esplanade. I could see a crowd gathered so i guessed it must have been there. I sat and had a sandwich while I watched people clamber all over her. I took the typical tourist shot still & video, nearby is a wind farm, theres lots of those windmills here, and I crossed the new Oresund Bridge.

Gay night out in Copenhagen. I thought I'd try the scene here. Im staying with Mark's friend in Saturday & Sunday, so tonight was my only free night. I went to the gay street. looked for Cosy Bar as mentioned in Lonely Planet, thought I found it under a rainbow flag but that was jailhouse. I picked up gay maps from here and chatted to the prison uniformed barman. Then went on to Cosy Bar after chatting to two Americans who were off to Amsterdam soon. In Cosy Bar a bloke chatted to me - Yohann and we stayed together all night. We moved on to Mens Bar then I went back to his. Hes not my ideal man, his boyfriend died in a car accident 4 years ago. This guy had tattoos, one of Thor's hammer. We/ I did my first euroshag type thing. On his rooftop, very glam - shame he wasnt slimmer, he had red Xmas lights in the trees and a rainbow flag up. The couch was a bit damp, anyway I slept indoors.

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