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House along the way to the Brewery


Carlsberg old brewery

Carlsburg wagon with Jutland horses

they also produced soda pop

unopened beer bottle collection

Guiness Book of World Records- largest collection of unopened beer bottles.

Carl Jacobsen displays replicas of art works at his brewery garden

Carlsberg truck

Don't touch the cars

Head right in the feed

malted hotdog

Christiania creative housing

shoe box houses

look at the color of this mercedes

cathedral tower

the pillars in front of the church

the altar

statues of the 12 apostles

The Artisan market next to Frue Kirke

when it's sunny the lady comes out, when it's raining the lady...

our bicycle lined street

Animal care for the children

the goats


boot planters

What a night. With a common courtyard you have people coming and going at all hours. Last night in particular we had a young lady start singing around 1 am. For about 15 minutes she seemed to be wandering the court yard singing her lungs out. I think at one point someone did shout down to her. The morning begins to wake with a cacophony of voices and sounds. Two woman are tending and watering plants. The sounds of garbage bin lids slamming and bins rolling, add to the babies crying and the voices of young children playing as people get ready to start their day.

We feel like we belong, hopping on the bus, dodging bicycles and cars. We finally succeeded in taking the Carlsberg route today. We passed the zoo, Frederiksberg Garden and the Planetarium. A short walk through a very nice area of houses and we make it to the brewery. We take the self guided tour with a promise of a free beer at the end. According to history there is evidence that beer was brewed in the Neolithic period, 400AD

The brewery was founded back in 1847 by JC Jacobsen. The brand Carlsberg is named after Jacobsen's son Carl. They also brew Tuborg, Kronenbourg and Sommersby cider to name a few. The family are great supporters of the arts, not only did the son commission the Little Mermaid, but the family's vast art collection is housed in central Copenhagen which the son had built for the city. Another interesting tidbit is the company's original logo included an elephant and the swastika whose use was discontinued in the 1930's.

Jacobsen's son Carl opened a brewery in 1882 Ny Carlsberg and the father's Gamle Carlsberg, meaning New and Old respectively. They did merge in 1906. They set up a laboratory in 1875 to work on the problems and improve brew techniques. The company continued to fluorish opening up breweries in England, Easter Europe, Turkey, Africa and Latvia. They are shipped all over the world. Of course government icreased the tax on the beer causing sales to drop. The picture changed when they also increased the taxes on spirits many times over and the consumption of Aquavit was reduced. Beer sales began to rise again.

We were watching a group of tourists by the old ford delivery trucks which had signs on them don't touch. They were having a great time snapping photos, with their feet on the side steps or hanging over to steer the wheel. I wonder what part of the sign Don't touch they didn't understand. They used Jutland horses to pull the wagons and they had about 5 or 6 in the stable. They were giving free buggy rides to the tourists. There always seemed to be 30 people trying to merge into 20 seats. We settle for a hot dog made from sausage infused with malt in a malt bun, to go with our brew. It was all very tasty.

Completing this part of the tour we hopped on the last line to Christianshavn, which is an area of small islands known for its hip cafe culture and canals lined with houseboats. We saw a lot of this area when we were on the boat ride yesterday. We passed Church of Our Saviour which had the outside spiral staircase of 400 steps. Freetown, covers 34 hectares in the borough of Christianshavn and have developed their own set of rules. It is an alternative society with creative housing. There was an area called Garden plots where basically the people are living in shoe box size houses. The government have allowed people to live in them for the summer only. There is a waiting list to obtain the use of one.

Finishing off the tour we walked through town, across a plaza, down a pedestrian only street and then left to the Frue Plats where we wandered around 130 very upscale artisans. We had fun meandering and admiring the fine quality of their crafts made right here in Denmark. Jewellery, pottery, silk and wool were the most popular.

We ventured back to the train station, caught the number 5C and this time we sat in the back and watched the screen for our stop Elmesgade. Hopped off the bus and back to the appartment to try and restuff our suitcases. My suitcase had to be expanded. I didn't know that clothese can put on weight!! I went back to the area we walked yesterday to take pictures of the garden area for children. Dinner tonight was everything we haven't eaten yet, bread, pate, brie cheese and fruit salad!

A wind/rain/lightning storm hit with avengence last night. All the windows and doors inside were slamming shut. A great light show. This morning the sun is out and the earth is quenched. Time to head home.

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