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The back the famous Mermaid

The Royal yacht used for the Royal family

The queens resident to the left and the Marble Church,

Architecture Building

Sprial that you can walk the outsides

The Black Diamond, Danish Royal library. Angluar and black quartz.

Hans Christian Andersen

More upscale area, with boat docking

house the long boat after the Swedes took away their ships so...

The river is well used by all


The old ferry dock to Sweden, now turned into restaurants

Copenhagen Opera House

Houseboat for sale, only $500,000

Pull your boat right up to your apartment

Christiania, first settled by squatters and now have rights to stay

more house boats

Just leave it where you overturn it

Lebanese dinner tonight

The backdoor to our appartment that leads to the courtyard

How the neighbour's cat is able to climb up and into her...

A little later start today with the intentions to go to Carlsberg Brewery for the early afternoon. We decided to be techies and save 10% by booking the Hop on Hop Off bus for the next 2 days. Yeah we did it. We're like residents, as we manoeuvered our way to the number 5C bus to the main train station. Here we ask for the bus station and made it to the street, except the first red bus we hit, turned out to be another company that also runs a Hop On Hop Off bus!!! Grr. Over to the other side of the street. Doing great until we show our voucher on my phone and he asks if we have data or a printed copy... What!!! I knew this was going too easy. He uses his wifi to activate my phone so he can send the voucher to his company. Who knows, I may have just given him total access to my phone. We get our tickets and find that the Green Line to Carlsberg just left and we'll have to wait 45 minutes. So instead we hop on the red line, Mermaid line and take the city tour. At one point we hopped off and took their harbour tour by boat and then back onto the bus to complete the tour.

We saw many things today. The famous Little Mermaid, [from Hans Christian Andersen's stories) was surrounded by people. She was commisioned by the son of the Carlsberg family in 1913. He was fascinated by the ballet of the Little Mermaid and had asked the principal dancer to pose for it. As she refused to pose nude, the wife of the sculptor posed for the body. The statue has been decapitated 3 times. There are 2 other statues in the area, one being the Big Mermaid which is an interpretation of her and according to our guide looks more like a blob. The Danes really like their monarch, but she is only a figure head and of course they too, worry about the expenses. The Marble Cathedral in between her residents was started but then they ran out of money. The government eventually completed it but not in marble. We passed the Copenhagen Opera house and many other art institutions. After the 1 hour tour by boat, we recaught the Mermaid tour and wound our way back to the Station. We actually paid 5 dkk ($1.00) to use the washrooms in the station. Bathrooms in train stations are privatized.

We arrived back around 3:45 and decided to call it quits as it was 30 plus and we had been sitting in the sun all afternoon. We chose to have an early dinner at a little Lebanese place we had seen when we arrived. The food looked delicious and it was very busy. We were early 4ish and ordered Falafel, a citrus salad, baba ganouche and a pizza looking dish that had baked cheese, (halolumi) with advocado. Absolutely delicious. To compliment the meal we ordered mint lemonades and then baklava, all for the low cost of $30 dollars each!!! Prices are going to look so good when we get home.

This evening we took a walk to the right as we had not ventured there yet. We came across a park that had fenced in animals. A pen for a couple of goats, then chickens, guinea pigs and one for rabbits. We learned that the city organized this for the use for kindergarten children. The children tend and care for the animals. There were little shovels and tools hanging in the enclosure. Backing onto this area was a kindergarten that also had small plots of gardens. Outdoors is the place to be. Also boardering on the other side was a very large building which housed the elderly of many different health levels. It looked very similar to the old Riverview buildings. There was also another building for those with dimensia and a cancer treatment area. As we rounded another side we came across construction, of course, a chapel that was built in 1902 and is having it's brick driveway redone. This area is known as Des Gamles. It is an older part of Copenhagen which has turned into a "hipster" area. Lots of restaurant, coffee places and bars. The bohemian life.

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