Cruising Norway & Scotland aboard the Star Breeze travel blog

Our ship



Anne goes aboard

All cabins are suites




Raising the Windstar Flag as we depart

With the theme from the movie "1492" we sail away.

The little mermaid

Our ship's build date

Dinner for a table of 6 on board

We took a taxi to the port where the Windstar Breeze was waiting for us. Our luggage was put into a holding area under a tent as we waited to board at 1PM. The ship is nicely appointed and our suite (all cabins are suites) is spacious. After the mandatory safety drill, we watched the Windstar flags rise to the top of the masts as rousing sail away music filled the air and we headed out the harbor toward Norway.

After a welcome aboard drink, we changed from our travel clothes into fresh dinner clothes (however, they are informal on Windstar cruises). Most of the evening was spent at a table for 6 in rapt conversation. A good night sleep refreshed us as well as a hearty breakfast the next day. The ship reached Oslo, Norway by 4PM and we headed off on a short exploration of this bustling city.

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