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Our apartment building #144

Wall Art in Copenhagen

2nd half of the wall art

back of train station

wind turbines in the water near Sweden

Entrance to the fortress

the cannon tower

prison stations - pull the drawer out and read about a prisoner

I'm figuring this one just swims round and round the castle

Houses in Malmo

Malmo house

Of course, lunch another shrimp sandwhich

mushroom quiche

Tivoli Entrance

Darlene's friend

Feeding her duck

Pantomine at the Peacock Theater

these will change color depending on the weather

Sushi "hotdog"

Today we were up and out of the house on our way to catch the bus to the train station and then on to Carlsberg Brewery. At the station we thought we would also scope out where these FlexBusses were so we could go to Malmo, Sweden tomorrow. We had to go out the train station and down a few blocks to get there. At this point we decide we should go to Sweden today. After much frustration and walking from bus to bus, we learned that they only take credit cards, no cash and that we could buy a ticket but the first driver's phone/machine stopped working and then we were to wait for a ticket man who would arrive 15 minutes before the bus was ready to leave to sell us a ticket, but then we learned he was on vacation.... Anyway after an hour and half (and 5000 steps of my 10,000 goal) we finally were able to find a bus that actually was able to sell us our tickets. I think we learned that we need to move into the new age of using our phones to acquire the ticket and show it like everyone else was doing.

We got to travel over the Oresund Bridge, which links the coast of Sweden with an eight kilometer bridge to an artificial island and then a 4 km tunnel to Denmark. From the air it looks quite dramatic as the traffic disappears into the ocean.

At some point during the journey, I realize that I don't have my passport with me as we were not suppose to be going there. The border is on the Sweden side and the bus tells us to have our passports ready. I was a little worried, but not too much as I had read that for a while you had to have a passport because of the immigration problem, but they have since relaxed that rule. The bus arrives at the train station in Malmo and we are met by 3 police people and a dog. We're fine, but they have the dog going through the luggage. The next bus they had a young man and they were going through a zip lock bag of his.

Entering the train station we thought we would find a tourist bureau, but learned it has since closed up as most people are using their phones. Once again we were hooped. However we did find the bus kiosk which was in the same doorway as the washrooms and the girl there printed us a map and gave us a few suggestions for our few hours there. You have to pay to use the washrooms in the train station as they are privately run. Another thing we've learned you have to ask a lot of people before you get what you need.

It is very hot today, above 30, not a cloud in the sky. We head into the old part of Malmo to a square lined with restaurants. You will see our choices in the pictures. I stuck to the shrimp sandwich and a beer in a wine glass while Darlene ventured forth with a mushroom quiche. We continued our travels to the Malmo Castle, a 16th century fortress which also houses nature, history and art exhibits. The castle/fortress was also a prison from 1568 - 1573.

We returned to the train station to take a train back to Copenhagen, no stopping at any borders this time. As we emerged from the station at 5:00 we headed over to Tivoli Garden across the street. It is an amusement park and pleasure garden combined. It opened in 1843 and will be celebrating 175 years this August 15th. We watched a Pantomine, a ballet and listened to two singers. We wandered around the gardens and chose to eat at a building with a variety of counters. Darlene chose a sushi "hotdog" and prawns and I once again chose the shrimp. It was so fresh. Some of the rides were much like those of Disneyland. At one point there was a koi feeding station, also surrounded with pigeons, doves, seagulls and this big white goose. He hung around Darlene when she bought some food, but instead of the koi getting the spoils, the goose did. We stayed til 9 o'clock as it was beginning to light up.

The people here are very friendly. Our bus driver helped us find our way back to our stop and we walked home.

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