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Off on an explore


Getting our bearings

A reindeer

Artifacts in the museum


Moving ahead in history



A kingly room


A royal bed

A knight

Museum courtyard


The canal boat





Our boat


Low bridge hands down







Little Mermaid


big docking area

Neat tower with twisted spire


Really low bridge

Most ride bikes to work!

Rent a bike

Back to our hotel

Olive Kitchen Restaurant


Tom's entree



Our last day in Copenhagen found us at the National Museum and on a canal boat tour. The museum traced the history of human activity in Scandinavia with bones and artifacts alike. On the upper floors, the development of civilization through the middle ages unfolded. We got tired and skipped later civilization and modern times.

Copenhagen is a vast port city and a good way to see this is to take a canal boat - a one hour trip. We ducked under low bridges and out guide told us about the sights and activities among the way.

That night we got to have dinner at the Olive Kitchen - great restaurant just around the corner from our hotel. We had missed doing this on the first night because of the delay in our travel. We were so glad we got to eat here.

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