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Rochester International airport

There were storm clouds in Newark

We were delayed and had to sit on the ground for 2...

But after watching our international flight take off , we headed to...

Flying business class has perks

Our personal United Airlines rebooking agent

And a glass of wine while we waited

We are going to fly "over the pond" a few hours late,...

Our flight - not to Brussels as booked, but to London

Flat bed seats and a gourmet meal

Anne loves her flat bed seat



Dessert prepared just for us



Our British Airlines flight from London to Copenhagen. How about the pillbox...



Happy travelers

We had a very reasonable time to leave Rochester for our 2PM flight to Newark, NJ. However, there were thunder storms in Newark and our plane was forced to wait until ground control lifted the ground shutdown. That meant as we waited, our departing flight to Brussels could leave before we arrived in Newark. Fortunately, our flight was not cancelled. We landed in Newark just as our Brussels flight was taking off. We missed our European connection!

Flying business class has more perks than just better seats.We passed the long line of rebooking passengers as we haded to the United Airlines Polaris Lounge and a very competent agent rebooked us on a flight to London to “…get us over the pond.” Our flight was about 3 hours later than our original flight. However we had to reroute via British Airways to Copenhagen later that afternoon. The flight was very ‘British’ with afternoon tea. Tom had a Gin & Tonic in the proper British way.

We held our breath as we waited for our luggage to arrive and only on the second round did it show up! Miracle of miracles! Now we are ready to commence our holiday!

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