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Nothing like following behind a honey wagon

The sky was covered in clouds as we departed home today. We headed south west to the oldest town, Ribe. As we entered the gate we were met by three Norms or Faeries who make prediction of the the past, present and future. This heritage center presents authentic reconstructions of early Viking time 1300 years ago. The history is alive with volunteers roaming in period costumes, from babies to seniors, fromm black smith, falconer to lady of the house. We learned that people actually plan their holidays to participate for a week or 2, living in the tents and ready to role play or explain the area they work in. The children ran gleeffully barefoot in the dirt. As the childrens are very blond, we noticed that they didn't wear the hats and sun proof garments we north Americans insist upon. Another question to ask. The volunteers are to be in costume from 11 to 5 everyday. They sleep and eat in their tents. There are a couple of main fire pits to cook over, but due to the drought they have banned individual fire pits this year.

We were told we were lucky as this was the week the warriors came to town. We watched a battle and then moved on to making bread, pressed flat like a tortilla and placed in a pan to be cooked over a fire, much like our indigenous people making bannock. We watched a falcon show where one falcon took off into the sky and it took a few blows on the whistle for it to return. However as he swooped in to take the food (tied to a long rope) it looked like the lady missed grabbing the end and she had to run after the falcon as it continued to carry the prey and rope away. She eventually caught up with him. The show ended a little early as the main star had left the building!

They had lots of activities for children, from making pointed spears out of wood. learning to fight with sword and hammer, how to use a bow and arrow to hammering nails and playing old games throughout the area. They had little corrals that contained a very protective cow and her 9 day old calf, sheep, chickens, Icelandic horses and piggies wallowing in mud. We heard that the Queen of Denmark and her sister were coming for a visit on Thursday, so thank goodness we came today. After 3 hours in what was now full blown sunshine, we happily made our 2 hour journey home.

It is definately farm country, as we got stuck behind a "honey wagon" and a couple tractors. Thank goodness they weren't going very far. Door steps were often right next to the roadway. Once again we had some fun with the GPS as the "pink" path would be going to the left but Sofia, our GPS narrator would say turn right. You cannot depend on voice alone.

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