My South American Adventure 2018 travel blog

A late flight 7.10pm for our flight to Lima, we have 2 nights here, our first morning we went for a short walk the after lunch a half day tour of the city. South America is a very Catholic country so there are lots of highly decorated church's, lots of gold.

We visited a fountain that had Pisco instead of water, Pisco is an alcoholic drink that South Americans drink, it is best served as Pisco sour, I've got the recipe hope they sell Pisco in Melbourne.

Not sure I would drink from thevfountain though, too many pigeons sitting on it for my liking, don't know what they might be adding to the Pisco.

Back to our hotel and packing for the Amazon, we are only allowed a small suitcase (hand luggage size) so it will be a small feat for any female.

Next morning off to the airport the 3 days in the Amazon Jungle.

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