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Here we are in Rio, checked into our hotel, got upgraded and we now have views over Copacabana beach, what a great sight.

Ventured out on a

Our own looking for a money change, while looking stopped and had dinner, everyone loves pizza so that is what we had, gave up on the money exchange so headed home, got lost, in the end just headed for the beach and worked from there.

New day with a full day tour. Vincent our tour guide was the best, up early for Christ the Redeemer, he said to beat the Chinese, then to Sugarloaf, great views of Rio from both places. We had a special lunch included in our tour so off to lunch, a buffet, we were given a drink coaster red on one side green on the other, this coaster indicated whether you wanted more meat red for no green for yes, there were about a dozen guys walking around with different meats on long skewers and would carve off some slices when needed.

Back on the bus then off to a carnival dress up place, we donned the feather hats skimpy skirts and decorated tops, not those headpieces were heavy.

After removing the feathers etc back on the bus to the Selaron steps, these steps are laid with tiles from all over the world. Back on the bus and dropped of to our hotel, along the way Vincent took photos and that night he emailed them to us.

Next day another tour this time by jeep to the Topics forest, we could not have got a more opposite tour guide, so boring, so was the tour, could have done without it.

Our final night in Rio so had dinner at a restaurant on Copacabana beach.

Up early next day for our stay in the Amazon.

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