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Different types of salt

Heated Salt pool

Dead sea pool

Salt Baskets

Raking the dry salt off the pool bath

Dead Sea Pool where you don't sink

A fountain

Village square

Interesting wall art


stone picnic table

Smoreborg from yesterday

Today we drove north to Hobro and then to the Salt Center Museum in Mariager. There are many areas of salt production around the world with a center in Hobro. At the museum, we learned about the history of salt production whether sea, plant or mining the salt layers, to types of salt and of course the salt trade wars. In a outdoor hut we watched how they heat the water to dry off the salt, skimming and collecting it with a rake. Our main goal of course was to relax in their "Dead Sea" pool, which was at 38 degrees. It was a weird feeling to have your body float and trying to place your feet on the ground from a sitting position proved very difficult and took great effort. We were allowed to walk to the dock and jump into the fjord. However one look at the water we quickly changed our mind. Again they have very strict rules about washing completely all areas of your body, before you put on your bathing suit and jumping in. Our skins were tingling and on returning home we sent our bathing suits through the washing machine.

We wandered the little town and settled in for a later lunch. We are getting quite addicted to the Smorborg or open faced sandwiches. We both had a white fish and of course the presentation was an art piece.

We drove home stopping in Viborg to pick up more food. One thing that is very reasonable here is the wine. You can get a decent bottle around 7 or 8 dollars.

At one point it was over 32 degrees, very hot. At least here in Denmark they have a constant wind which helps to keep away the mugginess. We were home by 8 and supped on the last of the delicious bread bought in Aarhus and the wonderful chilli Darlene made this morning. Their can opener was very interesting, took us a bit but we finally managed to open the can. She loves to cook, I like to journal.

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