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tailor sitting on the table working

drunk father sleeping


garden maze

rowing across the river


3 seater chair

horse and buggy

lady in period costume

Driving my ford

ford - one of the most popular cars at the time

hair salon 1950s

Triumph TR6


We ventured back to Aarhus to visit the Old Town, Den Gamle By, an open air town museum. It originally opened in 1914 and has grown to 75 historcal buildings collected from 20 townships in Denmark. More buildings are under construction. The building are decorated in the original historical style dating back to the Rennasance. Characters dressed in period clothing wander about or are stationed at various posts impersonating the period of the time. We had lunch here and had a Smorsborg or open face sandwich were very tasty. The last part of the area was dated in the 1950s, where we strolled down memory lane. They had lots of areas for picnics, activities and eating. Well worth the admission.

We then walked back to the DomKirke to listen to an hour concert of classical music played on the pipe organ. It was beautiful, but I unfortunately kept nodding off. The cathedral is the longest and tallest church in the country. It is dedicated to the patron saint of sailors, St. Clemens, which would explain the ship hanging from the celing.The church can seat 1200 people.

We arrived home around 7 and made our own smorsborg using the mediterranean pate and other assortments of new treats we found in the store.

Another great day.

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