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We arrived at Rodley late on Saturday afternoon, after another 5 locks.

We're always on the lookout for dead bodies in the woods - to date we haven't seen any!! I'm sure that's a good thing!

We followed this boat down from Shipley and shared lock duties then at the top of the 2 rise locks he had to turn around to take his passengers back to Shipley, but he doesn't have thrusters in his boat and it was going to be very tight to turn.

So Tony lent him a long rope which he tied to the bow and then a couple of blokes helped to pull him around.

It was quite easy really and all ended very well.

We should be off again tomorrow down the next lot of locks and straight into Leeds as the next stretch is the notorious "bandit region" - they've been having problems with the local yobbos especially in the warm weather when there can be up to 100 jumping into the locks. The police won't come and do anything - they're whimps apparently! so the CRT are going to have to hire security guards with dogs to control it. But they say as long as we go through early in the day we'll be through before they get out of bed.

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