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Harbour view

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Glass bottom

Sondergade Street



Aarhus Theater


Rooftop Panaromic Walk Way

We had a very lazy morning, watering the plants and the greenhouse. They use special styrofoam containers. Placing a bag of soil on top of the container with holes in the bottom of the bags, they planted cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. You lift the corner of the bags and their is a hole leading to the container, which we filled with water and fertilizer. This should last 2 or 3 days depending on the weather.

Speaking of weather it was very warm and muggy today. We travelled to Aarhus, located on the Jutland peninsula's east coast. Aarhus is the second most populated city in Denmark, 270,000 people. Our first stop was the photo store to see if we could get a memory stick for Darlene's tablet as it was full. The man behind the counter kindly transfered all her pictures over to the stick. She left it with him as it took well over an hour. So now she's a happy camper and ready to take pics.

While we were waiting for the tablet, we meandered the famous 750 meter shopping street, Sondergade, which is completely closed off to traffic. At the Salling store we ascended to the the 6th floor or Rooftop. They have a viewing deck which hangs out over the street as well as a partial glass bottom. A restaurant and small bar, could be found as well. The street leads to the old town, where the Domkirken Cathedral dominated the square. Tucked to the side was the largest provincial theater in Denmark, built at the end of the 19th century.

On our return home we passed the ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, an art museum with a panaromic rainbow walkway on the roof of the building. It is the oldest museum outside of Copenhagen, established in 1859. This city needs to be revisited on one of our days, still lots more to see.

They are predicting a heatwave from Wednesday to Sunday and thunderstorms starting tonight until Wednesday.

Tomorrow we need to stick around the house as my new visa card is being delivered and I must be here to sign for it. Apparently when I was in Reykjavik my data was stolen and they bought gas, fast food and tried to take out 200 dollars worth of Icelandic Kronau. Thank goodness Visa was right on top of it and emailed me. These were tagged as suspicious entries. The kindly man at the Volcano hotel let me use his phone to call. Thank goodness as it was close to an hour on the phone, verifying every purchase I had made. Do you know how hard it is to remember, especially when you don't remember the Icelandic names!

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