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Last view of Iceland

Farms along the way

Dinner at last

Cafe Kroen


Main street Kjellerup

Our home for 2 weeks

front room


Back of house

Our car

Orchards for the little community

Farmland surrounds the subdivision

July 21st

This morning we had a 7am pick up time to the airport. Sooooo.... last night we set our alarms on our phones. I thought I heard Darlene say 6:45 am and set my phone. I must have been really tired as I was thinking that should give us 3/4 hour before breakfast at 6:30 and then meet the 7am pick up time. Apparently Darlene had said 5:45am. So at 6:20 it finally dawned on me that the time wouldn't work and lept out of bed to wake Darlene up as her 5:45 time did not go off. We found out that her phone was still on Vancouver time. We rushed and were able to gobble down a quick breakfast before catching our ride to the airport. We said goodbye to Rekjavik in the cold cloudy rain and flew off into the clouds.

Our 2 1/2 hour flight to Copenhagen was full, as a flight to Oslo had been cancelled. We were offered coffee, tea or water, everything else had to be bought. The pilot said it might be bumpy as the winds were 100 miles an hour and higher. Surprisingly enough it was a very smooth flight. We arrived to blue skies and 28 degrees!

We collected our car, a Skoda, and were told it was brand new and had a GPS system in it. When we collected it, we had to get one of the guys to give us some help as we couldn't get the GPS to work. Apparently there was no sim card and that it had to be done in a service department. Since we really hadn't asked for one, we asked them to deduct the cost as we had brought our own.

Manoeuvering out of the airport was fairly easy and we were heading towards the large town of Odense. We had to cross the Storebaelt, an 18 km bridge that connects the east to the west of Denmark. Fields and fields of golden wheat lined either side of the 4 lane highway. Speed limit was 110, but the average speed was 120 to 130 with cars zigzagging all 4 lanes. Darlene likened it to the Autobahn with a speed limit that no one follows. We split off from the main thoroughfare and continued on a two lane road. As we hadn't eaten since 7 this morning we stopped about a half hour before our destination, Kjellerup, at the first cafe we had seen. It turned out to be quite busy. We ordered a schnitzel, fried baby potatoes and peas and a large meatballs with red cabbage and roasted small potatoes and gravy. We were so hungry we ate it all.

Moving on we made it to our new home for 2 weeks in Kjellerup. After the 3 1/2 hour drive we were ready to shower and collapse. First we had to figure out the light system, the heat system (stiffling hot) and how to lock the doors. They have thermostats in every room. Our gracious hosts, left us a bottle of wine, salted licorice and a variety of sweet Danish treats. Now that we had that under our wings, we tumbled into our beds.

July 22nd

We had a very lazy morning, finishing laundry, watering the plants and finally figuring out how to get the photos from camera to the tablet. As you can see, Success. In the afternoon we wandered 2 food stores, trying to figure out what the foodsy were and how much it was in dollars. We found food a lot cheaper than Iceland and the liquor very reasonable. We bought 2 bottles of Schmirinoff Ice for less than $5.00. (individual bottles) We thought that was very cheap so we bought a variety of different kinds. We may never move from the house.

We stocked up on staples and tried out some "new" danish dishes. We left the salted fish for another time. I used my Google translator to figure out what things were as well as asking for things from the clerks. I actually took a picture of the label and it translated every item on the label. I was gobsmacked.

Darlene made a delicious hamburger/spinach spaghetti sauce, partnered with salad and the rest of the wine from the bottle. After dinner we took a walk around this subdivision. All the houses are made of bricks with sharp angles in the architecture. The inside of our, brings to mind Ikea. Simple straight lines, no clutter. A very beautiful home. Efficiency. There was a path way through the middle of the subdivision leading from one street to the next. In between each set their was a large green belt with fruit trees. We hope to get more information on that.

In Iceland it would still be light out with sunset just after 11 and sunrise at 4. But here it is 9:33pm and sunrise at 5am.

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