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After our massage

The Capitol

The Capitol

The Rotunda





In the Capitol

Looking out from the Capitol

Daniel Boone


Daniel Boone grave site

The Capitol from Danial Boone’s grace site

Sages restaurant

Woke up this morning to thunder, hard rain and no power, but by the time I got out of bed the power was back on. The three of us have massages scheduled this morning and it felt sooooo good! McDonalds after the massages for a bite to eat to hold us over til lunch/supper with Susan’s daughter. The Capitol is next on our list with Susan and Julie as my tour guide and what a good job they did. On our tour we met Chris Skates who writes the speeches for the governor. He is also a writer and has written many books such as The Rain and The Tower. He was so gracious to give us copy of his book “The Rain”. On our way to meet Susan’s daughter for lunch/super we visited Daniel and Rebecca Boones grave site at the Frankfort Cemetery. We met for supper at Sages. I had a cup of Veggie Soup and Greek Salad. Julie was the winner with a BBT(Bacon, Benedictine, Turkey on Walnut bread. It was so BIG!!! No way you could get your mouth around it!!! Julie and I headed back to the house and oh my!!! It rained, wind, lightning strike right in front of us going down the road, a great ball of fire and hail too! We could not even get out of the car at the house!!! It is now 7pm and it is 67 outside. A little cool! Storms continued into the night with the power going out again around 9pm and staying off for an hour so we played cards by candle light and I won.

A Tornado Watch has been up all day for this area and will be til 3am Saturday morning !

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