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Flower market

Bremen has many interesting buildings

And, of course, those famous musicians


Now in Netherlands. Stopped at Bremen on the way – a really nice city. I thought it was a large town, but it has over half a million people. Lovely buildings in the centre of town, a flower market in one square and a food market in another. Ken discovered a fish and chip shop, so we had those in the park for lunch. Were very nice, although a bit salty and we were both pretty thirsty all afternoon. Biked into town – Germany has so many bike paths, both town and country. So easy to ride, too – most sealed or concrete. Had trouble getting out of the city – can be tricky when you have no idea where you are going. The road GPS wanted us to go down was closed and then she wanted us to go through the centre of the city, but we were too high for the tunnel. She was very persistent and wouldn't give us an alternative for quite some time. Needless to say, we took out our frustrations calling her all sorts of names :)

In north east Netherlands tonight. Went on a 30km bike ride today. Very flat, of course, with lots of farms, waterways and marinas. All sorts of boats out on the canals, rivers and lakes we went around and across. We had to catch five different ferries to go around the route. They were all only a couple of minutes to get across and cost €1. Can only be done in the summer. People were very helpful when we needed a bit of direction. We actually saw some cows today. A couple of herds of friesians, maybe 50 cows in each herd 𯘊

Phone stuck again on downloading photos; haven't managed to get bike ride ones downloaded yet.

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