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July 9 - OK, yesterday was 161 mi.; 165 today, a new lesson learned - it is not worth driving on when temps are in 85+ range, so an addendum to "230" protocol will now be "230/85". We are at a small private site on small lake south of Spokane, WA., closest town is Sprague.

The route map identifys in yellow the greatest grades we have yet encountered, about 4 miles up and 4 miles down, both 6 degrees. The truck downshifted and ran at 4000 rpm for most of the up and held speed of 55-60. I shifted to '2' on down sections holding about 45-50 without having to brake most of the time. Temp gauge remained in mid range. The 3:92 rear axel proved itself worthy.

New tires also tow better and mpg is between 8 and 9.

Deja vue? 2018 / 1822 , consider this my op ed , a page from book, "Thomas Jefferson, Revolutionary " by Kevin R. C. Gutzman,

(See photo)

July 10 - 163 mi. 9.3 mpg and HOT again; strong wind buffetted trailer while towing. Camping in Boardman OR on Columbia River where gas is pumped by attendants per state law. $3.39/gal.

"I never knew that" in the late 1960s, our government aligned with the oil and gas industry, exploded nuclear bombs underground in Colorado to free up oil from shale, resulting in radioactive natural gas and oil, commercially unusable . One blast was twice that of Hiroshima yield. Did anyone notice glowing gas pumps when gallons were $0.42? Does that make fracking look less disgraceful?

Columbia River gorge is on docket for 7/11/18 day trip, then wine country..... Wifi here is a joke; I will have to try in early AM.

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