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Ice bar

Coming in to Stockholm

Well we started at our usual time for a very long drive to Stockholm, Sweden. The population of Sweden is 10 million and Sweden was neutral during World War II. Ikea is Swedish and has stores in 50 countries throughout the world.

As we left Oslo we passed the outer harbor which is where all commercial shipping occurs. The inner Harbor is for pleasure craft, restaurants, shops and pedestrian walkways.

As we drove away from Oslo we Were soon in a lush green countryside with many trees along the motorway and some farms which were neatly groomed. There was also a bike trail alongside the highway and the highway is two lane, one lane in each direction. When w started off this morning it was sunny but within a half hour the weather turned cloudy and then it rained off and on for the remainder of the trip until we neared Stockholm. As we drove along we passed a number of Lakes which were a good size but not huge. At our first pit stop Mike the tour guide buy chocolate for everyone on the bus. The brand was marabou which means stork and Swedish. Marabou is the largest chocolate manufacturer and in Scandinavia, and of course we immediately sampled it and it was quite good. We drove along the way +#highway we then entered a larger motor away and there were a number of McDonald restaurants and Burger King restaurants as well as an occasional KFC.

Of the three Scandinavian countries, Norway has the most expensive to live in, then Denmark then Sweden. The cost of living in the Scandinavian countries is higher than in the US that a lot of amenities are provided by the government and the Scandinavian countries that are not provided in the US such as medical care, paternity leave, childcare, free college tuition, and so on Norway he’s not a member of the European Union but Sweden is.

Alfred Nobel was born in Sweden and died in Italy in 1896. His will set forth the terms of providing a prize In physics, chemistry or science, medicine, literature and peace. The committee meets and awards and prizes every year with the award being made on December 10 of each year on the date that Nobel died.

The primary industrial product in Sweden is lumber or wood with fish being second. Another export was the music of Abba.

We neared Stockholm around 3:45 and hit a bit of a traffic jam. Stockholm Is the city of 14 islands and there are 25,000 Islands in Sweden. we checked into the hotel and decided not to take the evening tour. We wanted to go to the ice bar so we took the metro. It is a very modern metro that goes all over Stockholm and is fairly inexpensive. We got to our destination with the help of some metro employees and a friendly cabdriver. The ice bar is located in the C hotel. When you enter the ice bar you were given a parka and gloves as the temperature is 20°F. The entire room, bar, floor, glasses, are made of ice. your drink is served in a glass made of ice. Mine was vodka with lingonberries and lingonberry juice. Denise's drink was basically a Cosmopolitan. After leaving the ice bar we started searching for dinner and ended up in a small café where we had a great bottle of New Zealand sauvingnon blanc and a small meal. We headed back on the metro to the hotel and called it a night.

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