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Carpes boondocking at Hoops BP in Coloma

US 2 in the Upper Peninsula

Welcome to Wisconsin

Marinette WI buildings

Traffic backup due to law enforcement

Friday, 06 July: Continuing west...

Not what one would normally consider a very restful nite. First of all, stressed out over the fridge's demise, and second the inconsiderate folks who pulled next to us and ran their generator most of the nite. Neither of us got much sleep and were up early.

Happiness was when we discovered that the ice we'd put in the fridge kept the temps well within the safe zone, and the freezer section was holding its own. It appears that we would not have to throw out all of our food and could survive if we were diligent about keeping it iced. This helped Sandi relax for the first time.

We got underway at 0835 and continued west on US 2. In fifty or so miles we pulled into the Escanaba MI Wal*Mart. We bought a medium size cooler, a couple of foil roasting pans, and twenty pounds of ice. Back in the coach we put the ice in the roasting pans and put them in the fridge. Much neater than leaking bags of ice.

Back on the road we picked up US 41 south thru western Michigan and into Wisconsin. At Oshkosh we changed to WI 21 west. In Coloma Wisconsin we added 66 gallons of diesel to the tank and pulled into their parking lot for the nite. Today's drive was 277 miles with an overall fuel mileage of 8⅝ mpg.

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