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The Geiranger fjord from above

Cruise ship in the fjord

Yummy strawberries

Sod roof

Top of waterfall we walked up to

Two trolls


We left the hotel this morning at 8 AM on a new batch for today. Almost immediately after leaving the hotel the bus started up a steep road with many switchbacks each switchback was named after the crew or the foreman of the crew who constructed the switch back/hairpin turn. The purpose of our journey today where to see the spectacular feats of nature in the area to include cascading waterfalls, cliffs And some tremendous scenery. We took a ferry across the fjord and started on our drive on the Eagles road for amazing views of towering Cliffs plunging down into the Geiranger fjord. Eagle Road is considered a masterpiece of engineering and you can see the rugged mountain scenery at its finest. As we drove a long way past some small Hydroelectric plants along the river. Some of these facilities are privately owned and some are publicly owned. The private owned facilities are owned by local communities that use the money to benefit the community. The small electrical generating buildings have salmon ladder is alongside them to assist the salmon and getting up river. Norway is also starting a win generating program as well as generating power from wave action. Along the way we passed strawberry fields and stopped to purchase some. They were absolutely delicious. The Norwegians do you not want to do farm work so the field hands come from Eastern Europe they can make enough money in six months to go home for the other six months and not have to work. we also stopped at the Valdolla River where we took pictures and movies of the fast moving river. We then continued on to Trollstigen which is considered to be the land of the trolls. We stopped at Trollsteigan for a trip to the gift shop and coffee. It was very foggy so many pictures were taken. We then headed back to Geiranger arrived at approximately 2 PM. We walked around the small town a little bit then stopped for lunch. After lunch we decided to go to the waterfall that drops into the fjord. You can walk up the road or take a stairway have 400 steps to get to the top. The waterfall is very powerful and we took pictures and movies of it. We then returned To the Hotel and spend the rest of the day at leisure.

Cruise ships come into the fjord every day. They arrive in the morning and leave in the late afternoon. They are so big they restrict traffic in the area and block the view from our hotel up the fjord .

Tomorrow we leave for Lillehammer by way of Lom.

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