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Kjosfossen waterfall

Falls along the Flam

Bucolic scenery along the railway

Lighthouse at our hotel

More waterfalls

Cruise ship on the fjord

140 meter waterfall - Rjoandefossen

View fro our hotel

Left Bergen at 8 and drove through beautiful scenery including snow capped mountains and fjords to the railway station in Voss - a large ski area and town where Knut Rockne was born. Took a short train ride to Myrdal pick up the Flam railway. The Flam is 20 km long with a 640 meter change in elevation, going through 20 tunnels, 18 of which 18 were dug by hand. We passed more beautiful scenery and dramatic waterfalls. We stopped halfway down the ride to get out to see the spectacular waterfall Kjosfossen the continued on. Along the way we also saw another waterfall with a 140 meter vertical drop called Rjoandefossen. We arrived at the ferry to take us on a cruise of the Naeroy fjord for the next two hours. The fjord is approximately 1300 meters deep allowing (sadly) cruise ships to stop here. Towering mountains on either side making the cruise ships look like row boats. After the cruise we boarded the bus and headed to the hotel.

On the way to the hotel we drove through a tunnel that is 25 km long. There are four pull out areas in the tunnel to take a break if need be. The tunnel is said to be the longest in the world. Norway has tunnels everywhere. IIn the 1990s when the oil money started coming in, Norway spent a lot of it on infrastructure. The country has a rainy day fund of one trillion dollars (U.S.) that backs up their social programs and infrastructure costs. They spend 2 to 4 % on social programs and infrastructure. They acknowledge that 10% of the population is disabled or otherwise unable to support Itself so the government takes care of them,

We arrived at our hotel in Leikanger which was right on the fjord. Dinner was buffet again then a walk down to the water after dinner and a long chat with Dave, the tour guide in training. Off to bed in a very warm room.

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