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En route to Bergen

Oil refinery for North Sea oil

Glacier atop the mountains

Bryggen district

Buildings in Bryggen district

Our farm visit

More of the farm

Traditional Norwegian costumes

Left this a.m to go to Bergen. We drove through Norway's spellbinding natural landscapes. The way to Bergen is over and under the ocean through many small islands. There are long underwater tunnels, bridges and we also took two different ferries. The weather was once again warm and clear (unusually so according to locals) and while on the ferry we were able to see one of the glaciers that is usually not visible. We sailed along Norway's rugged coastline across majestic fjords, islets and islands. We arrived in Bergen around 1 and visited the local bustling fish market. At least two jumbo cruise ships were docked so it was quite crowded. The fish market was filled with fresh fish, well displayed. We then checked into the hotel, dropped our bags and headed out to explore Bergen. We went to the colorful Bryggen area which is right on the harbor and has many old buildings dating back to the 1700 and 1800's. Dinner was at a local farm in an amazingly beautiful setting. The farm raised horses and sheep and provided tours and dinners for tourists. Had a traditional dinner of sour cream porridge with cinnamon, sugar and raisins (sounds terrible but was really quite good). Also had local meats (some of us), local cheeses and bread. The farm owner was also a confectioner and made strawberry vanilla cream tartlets and other delicious goodies. He also played a piece by Grieg on the piano - Norway's most famous composer. The farm name was Ovre--Eide. They also modeled traditional Norwegian costumes for us. Back at the hotel by 9:30 waiting for the sun to set around midnight (even though it really never gets dark).

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