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Welcome to Thamel- the adventure travelers mecca.

A snake charmer- that's a real cobra in front of him. They...

Lisy spinning the prayer wheels at a Buddhist temple.

Not more stairs!

The Monkey Temple. Complete with prayer flags.

No room inside the bus- just hop on the roof! We decided...

The Asian family car! 3 people isn't so bad, the most we've...

Some very faithful Buddhist monks (Monkeys that is!).

They look so playful, but when Marc took one step closer, he...

That's the wing of our airline at cruising altitude. Have you ever...

As soon as we landed in Kathmandu, we knew we were going to love Nepal! We booked a hotel (on Marc's sisters recommendation) in the area of town called Thamel. Thamel is a lively, colorful and fun town filled with everything for the traveler. It's basically the hub for adventure seekers coming to Nepal. Aside from the little craft shops, there are literally hundreds of shops advertising everything from white water rafting, to treks in the high mountains, and even trips to climb Mt. Everest. Marc and I could have spent months here but we only had 11 days so we filled it with as much adventure as possible. There were great values to be had for every level of outdoor enthusiast. For the cost of lunch for 2 back in the States and a Starbucks, one could go on a day of trekking complete with a guide and porter to carry your gear, 3 full meals and accomodations! Actually, many companies like REI offer these treks for several thousands of dollars! Marc and I signed up for a rafting and trekking adventure!

In addition to being an outdoor adventure land, Nepal is filled with so much culture! We spent days walking up and down the streets of Thamel admiring all of the hand made crafts and vibrant fabrics that the locals make. We also took some time to explore some of Kathmandu's cultural sites. The people are also extremely friendly!

We made many wonderful friends and had a really great time. We will definitly come back to Nepal!!

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