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Hans Christian Andersen's house


King Knut

St. A,lban's church

Church to honor Knut

We left Copenhagen this morning at 9 AM and Rode to Odense, the birthplace of Hans Christian Anderson. On the way we hit some serious traffic. We stopped at a highway gas station for a pit stop and Mike got a grilled hot dog served in a hollowed out crunchy bun-yum! We also drove over a bridge to get to the island We arrived around noon and our tour guide said see you at two o'clock. We went by Hans C. Andersen's house for a photo op.. There are two churches in town to explore and a number of sidewalk cafés Church Knut was made to honor King Knut who was slain on the steps of St. Albans. We stopped at a micro brewery and partook of their wares. Back on the bus for a long drive to Randers. We drove through some pretty farm land. Denmark is quite flat with the highest mountain around 125 meters. After settling in to the hotel Mike and Dave went our for tonic and limes and we had vodka tonics in our room. Dinner was complimentary as our hotel was changed and it was fine but not as nice as the one we were supposed to have. A salmon salad was the first course and it was quite good. All in all the meal was quite good but the vegetarian selection consisted of a salad first course and guess what a salad second course. There was a blues festival in town so after dinner we went looking for it but we could not find it. We asked a number of locals where it was and none of them knew. Since we were all pretty tired we returned to the hotel for an early to bed night.

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