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Day 16 20180623

No travel for the Knurrs

Wouldn’t you know it, the first day with no clouds would be the day that some people left?! People started heading home today.

After it had warmed up enough that Kathy was comfortable in her swim suit, we headed to the lake to check out the swimming. Kathy wanted to check out the anchored floating items. There were floating docks, floating climbing structures, floating inflated monkey bars with an opening to the water underneath, and an inflated geometric shape for climbing on. The climbing structure and the monkey bars had a platform step in the water to facilitate access, the geometric shape did not. Kathy being Kathy, she had to climb on each. The biggest hilarity of the trip (so far) was when she tried to get on the geometric shape. She has always known that she is lacking in upper body strength. She managed to get on arm on the structure, but that was it. Kurt was already on the structure, so he tried to pull her up. He tried with one arm, not happening. He tried pulling both arms. Kathy managed to get one leg on the structure, but couldn’t swing the rest of the way up. Kurt had to pull her leg to get her on the structure. With all the work it took to get up, Kathy should have spent a long time on it. Unfortunately, there were horseflies who thought Kathy was a banquet. She didn’t even spend a full minute sitting on it before she was bit half a dozen times. The only way to avoid the flies was to be in the water! The second hilarity was watching Marty attempt the monkey bars. At home she goes to the gym almost daily with regular days for upper body. With all the work she has put in, we expected to see her zip right through it. She slid off with the first swing. All in all, it was a fun time. We were very glad the sun came through.

Since some of the group needed to head home today, quite a bit of the shared stuff was cleaned up and packed. The camp fire was not started until late, but was kept up until bed time. The tarp that was stretched over the fire to keep the rain off was brought down while the fire was still lit. It was brought down without adventure; although it was joked that rain would hit in the evening to teach us a lesson on leaving the tarp up until the last moment. The rain did not come.

After another group dinner, we set up a sheet on the side of the dog kennel so we could watch a DVD after dark. We made bags of microwave popcorn to share among the group. Others also made microwave popcorn, so there was a bag of popcorn for every other chair. We saw “The Greatest Showman”. It was very hard to see the picture, but it seemed like a good movie. We will have to watch it again at home. With the movie, it was another late night, but it was nice to spend it with the people who were still there.

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