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Lainey climbing the walls of the dog kennel

Lainey playing with young cousins while in the dog kennel

Day 15 20180622

Day of no real travel

This was our first day in Wisconsin with no rain. The sky was still cloudy, but it was nice to have an opportunity for things to dry out some.

Kurt and Kathy decided that this was a good day to go into town (only about 7 miles) to get hardware that Kurt wanted so he could attach some visibility markers on the rear of the cargo trailer. We also got the one propane tank we emptied, filled. Kathy thought this might be a good opportunity to pick up some groceries for the first part of the next reunion. Since there was good internet and cell service in town, Kurt sent Kathy into the grocery store alone, so he could catch up on his email.

We had individual lunch when we got back. Kurt started working on attaching the visibility markers while Kathy helped his cousin put the stuff together in the roaster for supper.

We watched more bean bag toss and Frisbee Dunk. Then we had another route of the ski game. There were people who were not available for the first go, so it was still hilarious for the first go. Some people had so much fun that they wanted to take it off the grass and go to the pool or the lake. Enough people still retained common sense that the game was kept to our grassy area. This time everyone who wanted to watch or participate was able to. After the ski game the other games were brought back out. Someone brought along a dog kennel with a tarp roof. The sides are the same wire that Buck’s is at home. The spacing is the same as the wire Kathy uses for her garden. Lainey was able to fit between the wire and explore at home. Since she has gained a pound and a half since we left, Kathy was curious to see if Lainey could escape from the kennel. Kathy went into the kennel with Lainey when no dogs were using it. Some of the little kids came in because they had to pet the kitten. After the kids were done playing with her, Kathy left Lainey alone inside. Kathy didn’t go far and she didn’t take her eyes off Lainey. She saw Lainey squeeze her head between wires and escape. Of course Lainey chose to escape out the side farthest from Kathy. Thankfully one of the cousins was sitting right near and snagged Lainey as she tried to go past. So much for free time off the leash.

After another group supper, Kathy introduced the group to Po-Keno. Kathy even had prizes for the first dozen or so winners. She declared the prize system to be “white elephant” so people had fun taking prizes that others had already opened. Once again we had participants who ranged in age from 4 through mid-fifties. It is great to see multiple generations all participating (and having fun) together. A shorter night, we were finished around 10:30. Kathy took the time to count heads. If count was correct, there were 29 people.

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