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Opera House

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Our arrival in Copenhagen was uneventful after a short flight from Frankfurt Germany. We left Murphy's yesterday at about 9 AM. We picked up Dave and JoEllen and headed to San Jose. We met Marg and Drew at their home for a quick bloody before our ride to the airport. The flight to Frankfurt was on time and uneventful. At our layover in Frankfurt pretzels and sausages were a must. The flight to Copenhagen was barely over an hour. We arrived at 2:45 in the afternoon. We were to meet our tour guide at 3:30 but he was a no-show. We waited another half hour just to be sure then hailed a cab. While we were waiting for the tour guide we met a lady from South Africa and she was part of our group. On out ride to the hotel we experienced rush hour traffic every bit as good as in the Bay Area.

We arrived at the Impertial Hotel tired and a little cranky from our airport fiasco. After checking in and figuring out the elevator operation we headed downstairs for a quick tour of downtown Copenhagen. We met our tour guide who basically said it was our fault we missed him and he generated little if any apologiy or empathy. Details to follow on resolution of our $90 dollar cab fare. If nothing else the suggested gratuity at the end of the trip for the tour guide might suffer some serious shrinkage.

We hopped on the tour bus and went past the Tivoli Gardrns which is an amusement park of world renown We continued to the Opera House which cost $500,000,000.00 to construct. The cost itself was paid for by Maersk shipping and then donated to the government.

This is the beginning of the summer holiday and people were out enjoying the warm weather ( a bit of a heat wave is going on) and they were at outdoor restaurants, swimming in the inner harbor and otherwise enjoying life. Bicycles are everywhere and auto traffic is intense.

Denmark is a cradle to grave society with an almost 50%tax rate BUT all health insurance is free, maternity leave of up to 400 days for both parents, free education including university or trade school, the elderly get to stay in their own homes and assistance is provided if needed and the list goes on Denmark is the second most happy country in the world. Norway being the first.

Copenhagen is right on the North Sea and has a number of islands and waterways. A canal cruise might happen for us tomorrow.

After our brief tour we returned to the hotel for dinner and sat with Jennifer from South Africa and Lucy and Lonny from Salem, OR. The welcome dinner started with a glass of champagne and a complimentary glass of wine with dinner. We had a little false start with the vegetarian's menu but things worked out in the end. Dessert was panna cotta which was quite good. Then off to the room for a much needed shower and glass of wine nightcap, Got to bed around 9: 30 p.m. Local time after being up for about 36 hours or so. This is being written at 3:45 a.m on the 29th but jet lag is just an urban myth.

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