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Foulridge Instructions




We're going to sleep well tonight after making our way through that tunnel again.

It's quite a harrowing experience in our big boat and we were talking to another wide beam with a high roof just before they went through it yesterday - he was just as apprehensive as us and he's been through it quite a few times, but he had just had his boat painted a lovely light blue (and Tony said there was paint marks frequently along the walls as we went through.) just glad it's over with. It took us 45 minutes to traversse and the average time for narrow boats is 20 minutes!! We let 2 narrow boats go through before us as we knew we'd hold them up.

We walked up to the tunnel yesterday afternoon and watched this narrow boat emerge.

Last night's moon at 10pm.

And we're back in beautiful Yorkshire, on top of the Pennines.

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