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Mural Celebrating William of Orange Victory Over King James I, The French...

Building One of Many Bonfires to Celebrate William Of Orange Victory on...

Paula Signing the Peace Wall

Mike Signing the Peace Wall

Catholic Memorial To The Irish Catholic Civilians Who Died During The Troubles

Protestant Memorial To Protestant Civilians Who Died During The Troubles

Protestant Memorial To Protestant Civilians Who Died In A Bombing of A...

A Rubber Bullet Meant For Crowd Control, But They Can Kill. Used...

Jimmy, Our Taxi Driver

The Shipyard Where the Titantic Was Built

The Titantic Museum

A Day At The Museum

Check the Plate!

Dressing Trailers For The Stars Of GOT

Parliament Building For Northern Ireland

Brian, Our Tour Driver

The Entrance To The Crown Pub

Mike Walking On The Crown

The Europa Hotel-Most Bombed Hotel In Belfast. We Stayed At the Fitzwilliams

Belfast Black Taxi Tour took us into the Protestant neighborhood of Shankill Road where murals depicted their side of the violent conflict. I’m not sure if they view themselves as English or Scot, as they are the descendants of the Scots who settled in Belfast. But, they are without question, loyal to the Crown. Our driver, who is Protestant, did present both sides. It was obvious that it was the civilians who suffered through a war zone. There is a wall, yes a wall, that separates the Protestant neighborhood of Shankill Road from the Catholic neighborhood of Bombay Road. The wall, called the Peace Wall, has 2 gates, one Protestant, the other Catholic. The gates are on a timer. They open every morning and close every night to separate the 2 neighborhoods. The Wall facing the Protestant side is decorated with murals & signatures by the famous and the ordinary. Even though Northern Ireland has been at “Peace” since 1998, there is a sense it is a delicate peace. What is even more curious is that the Protestants identify with Israel and the Catholics with the Palestinians. Nothing good comes out of oppression.

The shipyard that built the Titantic is now the site of the Titantic Museum. Well worth the 3 hours we spent there. Displaying the Industrial Revolution that transformed Belfast along side of the building of the Titanic provided a visual sense of Belfast as a turn of the century urban center.

Besides being the site of the Titantic Museum, the former shipyard is also a film studio. While we were there the filming of the last season of the Game of Thrones was in production. CLOSED SET EVERYBODY! But we did get a picture of the stars trailers and a car with the plates ending in GOT.

On our way back to the hotel, a quick swing to The Storm, Northern Ireland’s Parliament building. Currently, Northern Ireland doesn’t have a sitting government, but it does have beautiful grounds. Finally, a quick visit to the Crown Pub, owned by an Irishman who has an emblem of the Crown on his threshold so that his patrons can walk on “The Crown”.

Heading to Dublin Tomorrow.

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