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Kayserberg main street

Kayserberg Town Hall and castle tower ruins on hill

One of the many half-timbered houses in Kayserberg from the 1500 &...

Kayserberg church

Altar in Kayserberg church. Parts date back to 1600's


Riquewihr is surrounded by vineyards

Loved this street in Riquewihr

Many of the tall buildings in Riquewihr had stork nests

Medieval houses in Riquewihr

Today we visited two small villages in the Alsace region. This region with the Rhine River running right through it has been both German and French over the past several hundreds of years. It has changed nationalities 5 times in the past one hundred years although the two countries finally agreed on a settlement about 20 years ago. The result is sometimes confusing names for the towns. For example, the two villages we went to (Kayserberg and Riquewihr sound very German but are now in France!! Both towns were established in medieval times and quite a lot of the buildings are from the 1500 and 1600's. Both have a main cobblestone street with two churches. The Catholic church altar has some wood pieces from the late 1500's. There are flower boxes in all the windows and the buildings are very narrow and usually 3 – 5 stories tall.

Kayserberg was where Albert Schweitzer was born & died. Riquewihr still has a lot of the stone rampart (wall) around the town and one entrance gate is still standing. On the way back, we drove through Colmar where the designer of the Statue of Liberty was from. There is a replica of the statue in one of the round-abouts.

Tonight was the “Welcome” dinner and as we were eating, we passed through several locks and were told that we would pass through several more during the night.

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