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Antelope roaming the grounds near the national park.

A swamp in the park filled with all kinds of animals.

Marc thinks he's the Crocidile Hunter- trying to get a better view...

Nesting storks. They fly here from Europe and Northern Asia to nest....

Cruising on our bikes.

Storks, snakes etc.

A big monitor lizard. This thing is 4-5 feet long and eats...

Shopping in Jaipur.

Lisy doing a little bargain shoe shopping. These shoes are made from...

Can't remember what this place was called- but it was a neat...

The water palace, the royals summer residence several hundred years ago.

Elephants playing in the river. It's sights like this that make India...

Hanging out on the wall of another fort.

Taming the beast- Lisy and some semi-domesticated elephants.

After spending a night in Agra, we hit the road to go to Jaipur, India's "Pink City". It was about a 6 hour drive on mostly paved roads, but we broke it up with a stop at a national park. This was Marc's hands down favorite part of India. It was nice to see how beautiful India was where there was no population.

In the park we got a guide to help us spot wildlife, and we ventured out on bicycles. The animals moved so quickly that the photos don't do the park justice. We saw deer, antelope, jackals, snakes, huge monitor lizards, tons of birds, monkeys, and of course more cows. The park also has tigers, hayenas and snakes like cobras, but we didn't see any. The variety of wildlife in India is great.

Then we went on to Jaipur. This is a nicer city, it has wide streets, and is considerably cleaner than what we had seen previously. It has some neat attractions as well. We enjoyed a Hindu temple, a royal palce, another fort, and a textile factory where beautiful carpets are made by hand. We spent just one night in Jaipur before going back to Delhi.

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