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The first peak at the Taj- it's all marble!

The grounds and garden leading up to the Taj.

This could be a X-mas card photo.

The setting sun, the Taj gets more interesting as the light changes.

The Taj from the west side, it is identical from all sides.

It is reported the building the Taj bankrupted the Kingdom- easy to...

Just one more pic, as the sun sets.

The Taj Mahal truly lives up to it's reputation. Even though it is huge, the detail of the craftsmanship is amazing. The building is about 400 years old, and looks as if it was built last year. The grounds are kept perfectly and the marble seems to change colors as the sunslight shines on it from different angles. It is remarkable.

It's a good thing that it is so great, because the touts and hustlers seem to operate at double speed here. The walk to the Taj from the nearest parking is about 1/2 mile, and we were swarmed by at least 80 people. Some were offering guide services, some were selling trinkets, and others were completely destitute beggars looking for handouts. It was a frustrating and heart breaking experience- you cannot look at a hungry child with one arm and not feel bad. You want to help, but there are just too many people in need (and as soon as you open your wallet you will be attacked by a swarm of people. After the walk, and the long line to buy tickets you are finally in!

Your first look at the Taj is breathtaking, and it only gets better as you get closer to explore. Hope you enjoy our pics, it would be amazing to see this place under the moonlight or at sunrise too.

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