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April 22, 2018 – Lima, Peru

I was awoken this morning by a couple of Americans who were talking and laughing loudly. Since the rooms open on a courtyard and since the windows are all open, I could hear everything they were saying. After they finally quit about 6:30, a couple started up in Spanish. I just decided to get up and be done with it.

I had breakfast at the hotel and then came back to the room and repacked my suitcase. I brought an extra suitcase so am leaving some things here at the hotel so I don’t have to carry them with me. After that I walked 15 minutes or so to the Peruvian Market, Indian Market and the Inka Market. There were also other handcraft stores scattered between these. I got an idea of what was available here in Lima so I know what I can get if I don’t find things along the tour. I went ahead and bought myself a sweater which I fell in love with. I thought it might not be here when I got back, and I doubt that I will find one that I like as well. I also found knitting yarn and baby clothes. I’ve emailed the folks who would be interested in those to find out if they want me to buy any.

I had lunch at Marcand which is across the street from the hotel. It was good, and I enjoyed relaxing after the walk this morning.

I met 5 of the other travelers on this trip at the briefing this evening. There is a man from Wales (Martin), a couple from California (Rob and Diane) and a couple from the Toronto area (Wally and Donna). There were 4 people who did not make it to the briefing so I’m not sure where they are from.

After the briefing, we all went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant. We had a good time visiting and getting to know each other.

We don’t leave until 10:30 tomorrow morning so it will not be as early a day as it was when we left Quito for the flight to the Galapagos. We had to be ready by 4 a.m. This is much more reasonable especially for the other folks since they all had long flights/layovers. So, we are all making an early night of it.


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