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Thanks to Linda we have a pic of some of the BBB's

I'm a believer in luck coming in three's and, sure enough, I had a run of bad luck this trip, not end-of-the-world bad but spirit-dampening bad. First, after setting up my camera with timer and taking our BBB's group pic, I pushed a wrong button and lost all my photos. I'm holding out slim hope that a techie will be able to help me retrieve them. Then, I dropped the bag holding the precious depression glass bowls I'd gleaned on our antique mall crawl. It landed with a gut-wrenching thud on the cement. I could barely stand to look but found just one of the five in shards. Sigh. I was on the alert for the third of the bad luck triumvirate and, sure enough, on the drive home today, GPS off to save data time, I missed a poorly marked turn and added two hours of driving time across the back roads of Oregon. I did make it home safely but exhausted after the ten hour drive.

It was 100 degrees when I arrived in Danville, my car is a 2500-mile mess of bugs and crud, I have a mountain of laundry, a pile of bills and to-do's awaits me on my desk, the fridge is empty...and I can't wait to do it again. A triumvirate of good luck, driving the beautiful Northwest, gathering with a bunch of interesting relatives, and hanging with my best buds, the BBB's, earned this road trip a summa cum laude for distinction in travel. Here's tassels all around for staying the course, friends!

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